There are many great benefits of deep tissue massage, but to make the most of them it’s important to have regular massages over a period of time. It’s also vital that you practice effective followup care at home after a deep tissue massage. 

You can expect to feel a little tender after your deep tissue massage, this is perfectly normal and nothing to worry about. There are several things you can do to minimise any discomfort and ensure you get the maximum benefit from your massage therapy. While a little tenderness is to be expected, you should never feel active pain following a massage, if you do, discuss it immediately with your massage therapist.

Otherwise, here’s what you should do after your deep tissue massage…

Self-Care After A Deep Tissue Massage

The two big side effects most clients experience after a deep tissue massage is thirst and sleepiness. These are totally normal, and shouldn’t concern you, but it helps to plan ahead for them. We recommend ensuring you can take a nap following your massage session, which may mean going home, or even arranging a lift to drive you there. Being able drink plenty of water immediately after is also easier at home.

Less common side effects from your massage are a headache – which is relatively common – and to feel a little nauseous – less common. Again, these are perfectly normal side effects that shouldn’t concern you, and actually indicate that the massage has done its job. Deep tissue massage releases toxins stored in the body. This is why it’s a useful treatment to have if you’re detoxing, or trying to wean yourself off strong medication. The massage has caused the release of stored toxins which are now on the move in your body. 

Drinking plenty of water will ease any headache or nausea while flushing those nasty toxins from your system. 

Don’t worry, it’s not all doom and gloom – following your deep tissue massage you’ll also feel rejuvenated thanks to the positive hormones released during the session lifting your mood!

Post-Massage Checklist

After your massage taking the following steps will ease any discomfort, speed your recovery, and maximise the benefits of treatment:

Drink Plenty Of Water

We mentioned it already but it’s worth reiterating. Drinking plenty of water after your deep tissue massage will ensure you’re well hydrated, increasing blood flow and flushing out all those toxins. Be sure to drink actual water rather than juice, pop, or squash, and definitely no caffeinated beverages or alcohol.  

Have A Healthy Snack

You’re likely to feel a bit peckish, so chow down on something healthy like fruit or a good salad with some protein included. 

Take A Bath 

A warm bath can help to ease any tenderness you may be feeling following your massage. 

Rest And Unwind 

Taking a nap is ideal but if it’s not possible then at the very least put your feet up and rest for a while. The more you can relax following your massage the more your muscles will benefit from the therapy. Avoid heading out anywhere straight after treatment, and in particular avoid any exercise for at least 24 hours to ensure your body gets all the benefits of the massage. 

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