There’s a reason we call people who really annoy us a pain in the neck. The neck, shoulders and back are a common problem area for most people. Even if you’re in tip top physical health in all other ways, life takes a toll: stress, tension, breast feeding, poor posture, heavy lifting, standing, or sitting at your desk at work for long periods, can all leave you craving a back neck and shoulder massage.

We hold stress in our neck and shoulders. This can be the physical stress caused by your everyday activities, or it can be emotional stress. All this stress leads to your muscles becoming tight and joints becoming stiff. If you leave this tension untreated it will result in headaches or even migraines as well as neck, shoulder, and back pain. 

This can easily become chronic if you’re not careful, and having a back, neck and shoulder massage is a great way to release all that stress and tension. But what exactly happens during a back, neck and shoulder massage?

What Does A Back, Neck And Shoulder Massage Do?

One of the more popular massage treatments, a back, neck and shoulder massage is exactly what it sounds like – a professional massage therapy session concentrating on these areas. It usually takes around thirty minutes for a treatment, and is easily worked into even the busiest schedule.

This is fortunate, because busy people are usually the ones who most need this kind of treatment. Getting a back, neck and shoulder massage offers relief from tension stored in the body. It will soothe away any stiffness you’re feeling in these areas, as well as aches and pains. Beyond that, this type of massage creates a deep sense of relaxation, as well as renewed energy and vitality.

By using classic massage treatment techniques like deep tissue massage, your massage therapist will be able to release the muscles and soft tissues in your neck, shoulders and the top of your back.

Not only is this a great way to de-stress and give yourself an enhanced sense of wellbeing, it’s also a good way to treat and prevent headaches and migraines.

What To Expect From Your Back, Neck And Shoulder Massage

While some massages like sports massages and deep tissue massages can be uncomfortable, a back, neck and shoulder massage is generally a very comfortable, relaxing experience. If you are experiencing a lot of tension and tightness, additional pressure may be required to release it, however, this is usually possible without discomfort.

During your appointment you will be asked to either lie down or sit down. Which you choose is usually down to personal preference, unless there’s a specific area you want working on that your massage therapist advises you will be better treated from a specific position.

Your massage session should be relaxed and easy, leaving you feeling a sense of relief. You may feel a little drowsy afterwards, so a nap can be a good plan. It’s also a good idea to stay hydrated afterwards by drinking plenty of water.

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