Last updated 1st April 2023

Podiatry And Footcare

New Patient Appointment30 mins£45
Standard Podiatry20 mins£34
Extended Podiatry30 mins£45
Complex Podiatry40 mins£60
Biomechanical Assessment60 mins£90
Verruca Microwave therapyper session£95
Laser Therapy30 mins£45
Verruca Needling60 mins£200
Nail Surgerysingle toe£225
Nail Surgerytwo toes£400
Toenail Reconstructionsingle toe£45
Toenail Reconstructiontwo toes£60
Toenail Reconstructionmultiple nails£75


Initial Assessment40 mins£58
Follow up30 mins£45
Complex follow up60 mins£75
Shockwave Therapy20 mins£60


Osteopathy Initial Assessment60 mins£58
Osteopathy Follow up30 mins£45
Osteopathy Extended follow up40 mins£58
Osteopathy Complex Follow up60 mins£75
Headache Clinic Initial60 mins£58
Headache Clinic Follow up30 mins£45

Biomechanics And Sports Injuries

Sports Rehab Initial Assessment40 mins£58
Sports Rehab Follow up30 mins£45
Biomechanics60 mins£90

Massage Therapy

Initial Massage Therapy Appointment40 Mins£58
Deep tissue /Sports Massage30 Mins£45
Deep Tissue/Sports Massage40 Mins£60
Swedish Body Massage60 Mins£58
Swedish Back/Neck Massage30 Mins£38
Reflexology50 Mins£48

Verruca Microwave Therapy

Verruca Microwave therapyper session£95
Verruca Needling60mins£200
Laser therapy30 mins£45

Shockwave Therapy

Shockwave Therapy20 mins£60
Laser Therapy30 mins£45