For the gym bunnies who love nothing more than a great workout, but struggle to relax, a deep tissue massage is a must. For those struggling to come off medication, or work through any other form of detox, a deep tissue massage can be a godsend. The truth is the benefits of a deep tissue massage are endless, and if you’re skipping out on them, you’re doing yourself a disservice. 

This is particularly true if you’re an exercise buff, athlete, or simply enjoy a good yoga routine. Anyone working out four or more times a week will benefit from a fortnightly deep tissue massage. Without them, your muscles will tighten up, and you won’t get as much from your workouts. 

What Is A Deep Tissue Massage?

While a regular massage can be super relaxing, a deep tissue massage takes it to the next level. Getting a deep tissue massage is a longer process as your massage therapist will take time to relax your muscles so they can reach the lower layer of connective tissue. This is achieved by slowly applying sustained pressure using deep strokes that target your muscles’ inner layers and connective tissues. 

The Top Benefits Of A Deep Tissue Massage

While there are many great benefits of a deep tissue massage, we’ve rounded up our favourites:

Boost Your Workouts

When your muscles are relaxed and less stressed you’ll experience a higher range of motion when you workout. Getting a regular deep tissue massage will allow your body to become more efficient at muscle building and calorie burning. 

Relax Your Mind

The science shows that regular massages reduce your stress hormone levels while simultaneously boosting your ‘feel good’ neurotransmitters, including serotonin, dopamine, and endorphins.

Release Toxins

Your body tends to store toxins in your muscles and various other systems. If you’re weaning yourself off medication and suffering symptoms of detox, a deep tissue massage can help speed up the process of flushing the remnants of those meds from your body. This speeds up the ‘withdrawal’ period and gets you feeling better faster. If you’re dieting to lose weight, or have discovered you have an allergy or digestive problem that means eliminating certain foods from your diet (such as gluten or lactose), a deep tissue massage can likewise speed up the process of getting your body used to existing without the substance you’re trying to kick. 

Faster Recovery And Injury Prevention

When you experience an injury to your muscles scar tissue forms around the point of trauma as it heals. One great benefit of a deep tissue massage is that it penetrates the muscle far enough to break up this scar tissue, ensuring your injuries heal faster and more fully. This same benefit also reduces the tension you hold in your muscles in general, making future injury less likely. 

Ease Pain

Working out all that tension as well as any knots you have developed from stressed or overworked muscles and connective tissue (fascia). This provides immediate relief for pain as well as reducing the pain of chronic joint and muscle issues. The increased blood flow and reduced inflammation achieved through deep tissue massage also promotes faster healing.

Improve Your Sleep Quality  

By reducing your pain you’ll also improve your sleep – less tossing and turning, struggling to get comfortable. At the same time, the boost in serotonin you’ll gain from a deep tissue massage will help to improve your sleep pattern and quality of sleep. 

Boost Your Overall Wellness

A deep tissue massage will also benefit your overall wellness by decreasing your blood pressure and improving your lung function.

In Short…

When you work hard you earn (and deserve) to relax just as much. Beyond that, a regular deep tissue massage is a great way to ensure you are caring for your overall wellness, boosting any workout efforts, aiding your recovery, while keeping you fit, strong, and up for the next challenge. While the benefits of a deep tissue massage are great for fitness buffs and health enthusiasts, they’re also highly beneficial for the avid couch potato. 

Whatever your lifestyle, you’ll reap huge rewards from a regular session – we’d recommend fortnightly or monthly massages. Book online now…