After trying to get rid of your annoying back pain in all the ways possible, you’ve decided to give osteopathy a try. 

But, as promising as it sounded, it’s not working properly for you. Why is that?

Let’s start by saying that there are many reasons why you are not feeling the benefits of osteopathy, yet. But there could also be something else that needs to be assessed!

In the next paragraphs, we’ll try and find out why osteopathy is not working for you and what you could do about it.

Is Osteopathy The Right Choice?

Osteopathy is incredibly beneficial for a great number of reasons: with its holistic approach, it aims to correctly redistribute the energy to all the parts of the body, thus treating any imbalance that can result in painful conditions.

It’s incredibly safe and can be used with incredible results on babies as well as adults. Osteopaths are licensed medical professionals who are trained to assess, diagnose and treat a wide variety of conditions and can be incredibly helpful in the treatment of injuries and chronic conditions.

That being said, there are several reasons why you are not finding osteopathy as beneficial as you thought you would in the beginning. 

Maybe it’s not the right therapeutic choice, or maybe it just needs some more time to work.

Why Your Osteopathy Is Not Working?

#1 It’s Not The Right Thing For You

Although osteopathy is beneficial for a lot of conditions, maybe it’s not the right treatment for what you are going through. Talk about this with your osteopath and see what they suggest you to do!

#2 It Just Needs More Time!

Nothing is miraculous, especially in the presence of pre-existing chronic conditions. Although osteopathy is not painful, it’s not uncommon for patients to feel sore the days following their treatment. And, in some instances, it takes more than just a couple of sessions to see the benefits of the treatment.

#3 You Are Seeing The Wrong Professional

Osteopaths must be licensed professionals with relevant degrees in their field. If you didn’t know that, you might have been treated by someone who’s not a proper osteopath and only worsened your condition. When seeing a new osteopath remember to check their license number!

#4 You Might Need Further Medical Assessment

If you don’t find any benefits from osteopathy, you might need to seek further medical advice.  Osteopaths can diagnose you with several conditions, but you might need to run some more tests (MRI and RX for example) to find out what’s going on and seek the right treatment. 

Find Out Why 

The best thing to do if you feel that osteopathy is not working is to speak frankly with your osteopath. Together you can work to find the right treatment option for your condition and quickly improve the way you feel. Book your appointment with our resident osteopath and see how she can help you with!

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