If you are experiencing persistent pain in your lower back, you might be suffering from sciatica.

Although it is incredibly painful and, in some cases, might even prevent you from running day to day activities, there are many treatment options available.

Osteopathy, for example, is a highly effective remedy that can help you in countless ways.

Here’s everything you need to know before seeing an osteopath for sciatica…

What Is Sciatica?

Sciatica is one of the most common lower back issues and it affects almost everyone at least once. It’s a nerve inflammation that can last up to 4 weeks and it can be caused by different factors such as a slipped disk, lack of exercise and bad posture or pre-existing conditions. 

Although symptoms may vary in intensity, sciatica is characterised by persistent pain and tingling sensation from your bottom to your feet.  

One of the most common treatment options is physiotherapy, which aims at manipulating the affected area and restoring nerve functions. 

5 Benefits of Seeing An Osteopath For Sciatica

Although sciatica is not a life-threatening condition, it’s important to seek medical treatment as soon as the first symptoms start bothering you. Osteopathy has proven to be extremely helpful to deal with a great number of conditions thanks to its holistic approach. These are the five major benefits of having an osteopath treat you for sciatica…

#1 An Osteopath Can Make A Formal Diagnosis

Osteopaths are registered medical professionals that can run a thorough assessment and be able to determine what is causing your sciatica and treat it. Sometimes a nerve inflammation stems from untreated injuries or pre-existing conditions and osteopathy aims at resolving your problems to their root.

#2 Your Whole Body Balance Will Be Restored

Osteopathy has a holistic approach, meaning that it considers the body as a whole. Even when treating a specific condition, an osteopath will take care of your body’s internal connection and make sure that your general health benefits from the treatment. 

#3 Your Mental Health Will Benefit From It

While assessing the causes of your discomfort, osteopathy will help your body release its inner tension to allow healing processes, encouraging deep relaxation. 

Many patients have experienced a tangible improvement in their sleep quality after seeing an osteopath for their sciatica!

#4 It’s Effective

Osteopathy works wonders for any lower back issue that requires physiotherapy, treating the symptoms and individuating the roots of your problem. 

#5 You Will Have Higher Energy Levels

One of the main perks of seeing an osteopath is that the main goal is to restore an optimal energetic flow inside your body. By redistributing your vital energy throughout your system you will immediately feel less tired and more energised.

Book An Appointment Today…

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