You’ve probably heard a great deal about Musculoskeletal Therapy and know at least a few people who benefited from this kind of treatment in the past.

But as far as you are concerned, MSK and physiotherapy are the kinds of therapy only athletes and chronically ill people seek when they have to recover from an injury.

And while musculoskeletal therapy can truly help you with all these things, it’s also a valuable ally for a lot of other daily inconveniences. 

Are you working long hours in the office? Are you using the wrong shoes?  Might be worth a visit to the nearest  MSK clinic…

MSK: What Can It Do For You?

Musculoskeletal therapy is a highly effective form of corrective therapy aimed at restoring your musculoskeletal system after an injury, helping you cope with painful chronic conditions or simply tackling common syndromes that are caused by wrong posture or behaviours, like Carpal Tunnel.

During your first appointment at an MSK clinic, your therapist will assess all of the issues you are experiencing or that you might have experienced in the past, guiding you to the most effective long term solution for your problem.

This usually involves a combination of manual therapy, an exercise program that is compatible with your level of fitness and your pre-existing pathologies and in some instances low laser therapy.

MSK has a holistic approach, meaning that it won’t just help you get rid of your symptoms but it will provide you with all the valuable instruments to ensure that you won’t experience the same problem again.  

Why Should You Visit An MSK Clinic?

There are many reasons why you should pay a visit to your local MSK clinic, and injuries or chronic conditions are just one of the many.

Amongst the things that MSK can help you with you can find:

#1 Back pain

One of the most common reasons to seek MSK therapy is pain. After all, not only is it annoying, it can also limit your ability to perform daily activities. Back pain can be the result of a poor posture, an injury or a pre-existing condition.

#2 Joint Inflammation

Carpal Tunnel Syndrom, Epicondylitis or Tendonitis are as recurrent as they are painful for those who experience it. If you are working a manual job, these conditions could put a prolonged stop on your professional life and are best to be treated as sooner as possible.

#3 Lack Of Exercise

Most of the injuries and painful conditions we experience could be avoided with the right adjustments. An MSK therapist can help you develop the right exercise routine for you. 

#4 Help With Your Work

If your job requires you to perform high repetitive tasks or forces you to adopt awkward postures you might need to visit an MSK clinic to help you avoid developing long-lasting conditions. 

#5 Improve Your Mental Health

Pain and lack of exercise take an incredible toll on one’s mental health. Visiting an MSK therapist can help you improve your overall conditions from every point of view.

Book Your Appointment…

Making an appointment to visit an MSK clinic is the best way to start addressing a lot of annoying problems that you can experience on a daily basis. Book your first assessment through our online tool or give us a call on 01606 45077.

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