Toenail Reconstruction – LCN Wilde-Pedique

A highly effective toenail correction system, comprising an extremely elastic UV nail gel that adapts to the movements of the toe. Its unique adhesive properties mean that good results can be achieved, even on thick layers of skin where a toenail may be missing or on scaly nail surfaces.

It can conceal ridges and deformations and hide discolouration. This makes it ideal for camouflaging fungal nails by evening out the shape and colour of a diseased nail. The gel is antifungal so prevents against further damage to the nail while it is worn.

It is also ideal for replacing a whole nail or part of a nail that is missing.

Depending on the texture of the nail it is covering the reconstructed nail can last for many weeks. The replacement nail can be left natural or can be overpainted with any nail polish. Nail varnish remover will not damage it.

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Categories: Podiatry