Fungal infections tend to occur in warm moist skin so as the weather gets warmer and we are still in closed shoes it can be a problem. Feet get hot during sports and fungal spores can be caught from changing room floors which is why it is called athletes foot. Although we are all at risk even if we are never at a gym!

It is most often seen between the toes but can also appear in the arches or around the rims of the heels. It starts like red itchy patches sometimes with small moist spots but as it gets established it can cause the skin to peel and split.

Prevention is the key to managing this condition. Using an anti fungal preparation like Daktarin, Lamisil or Canestan daily will clear the problem up within a week or so but shouldn’t be used long term.

To prevent it coming back make sure you dry well between the toes and keep your feet aired as much as possible by taking your shoes and socks off at home. If your feet get very moist then alternating your shoes each day will allow them to dry out and you could try changing your socks during the day for a dry pair. Choosing natural fibres such as cotton socks and leather shoes will help too.

There are products that you can use to prevent fungal spores. Tea tree is a natural anti fungal and can be found in many footcare products while Mykored spray used daily or after sports is a quick way of keeping your feet healthy.

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