Joint Pain Relief Including Wrist, Shoulder, Hip and Knee From Osteopaths At Northwich Foot Clinic

Joint pain will affect almost everyone at some point in their lives, from pain associated with exercise and injury to the symptoms of conditions such as arthritis. Many people feel as though they simply have to put up with it – but there are things you can do to achieve joint pain relief.

What Causes Joint Pain?

Joint pain can be caused by a wide range of conditions. Joint pain is very common, with more than 10 million people in the UK suffering from the most prevalent cause – arthritis. Arthritis affects the cartilage lining of joints which makes movement more difficult, and this leads to pain and stiffness.

Joint pain can also come from injury or inflammation, whether from an impact or overuse of the joint. Runners and other athletes frequently experience this sort of joint pain. 

Knee pain is the most common type of joint pain, but any joint in the body can be affected.

What Does An Osteopath Do?

Osteopaths are specialists in joint pain, using a type of physical therapy to diagnose, treat and prevent various health conditions.

During an osteopathy appointment, the osteopath will use physical manipulation to move, stretch and massage the muscles. This increases blood flow to these areas, and can improve mobility, relieve muscle tension and help the body to heal – leading to joint pain relief.

Although osteopathy can’t reverse the damage caused by conditions such as arthritis, it can ease the symptoms and slow the course of the disease. If your joint pain is caused by injury or inflammation, the increase in blood flow can kickstart your body’s healing process and improve your overall health.

Osteopaths are registered by the General Osteopathic Council, and have rigorous regulations to abide by. 

Using A Holistic Approach For Joint Pain Relief…

Osteopathy is a whole body approach, meaning that the focus will not just be on the problem area but the body as a whole. Osteopaths use techniques to improve wellness throughout the body and restore balance. There are many benefits of this therapy:

  • It is gentle, and can lead to joint pain relief without the need for surgery or medication (or it can reduce the need for pain medication).
  • Because it relieves tension in muscles, it can also help with stress and anxiety by helping to relax the whole body.
  • It improves mobility, helping your quality of life.
  • Osteopaths are medical professionals who can diagnose conditions and may be able to remove your joint pain for good.

Booking An Appointment

At Northwich Foot Clinic, our skilled osteopath is registered with the General Osteopathic Council and is highly experienced diagnosing and treating conditions, providing good health and well-being. Our clinic is ideally located in Northwich, and is accessible from all over the North West, including Cheshire and Manchester. To book your appointment, simply use our online booking form or call us on 01606 45077.

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