your feet care new year's resolutions

It’s 2020! With the start of this brand new decade, I’m sure we’re all considering some New Year’s Resolutions. How about some feet care resolutions to keep them in perfect condition and carry you throughout the year, whatever you do? Here are 5 ideas that will keep you moving!

Check your shoes

You might love to wear high heels, or flip flops, but these shoes do not provide the support that your feet need. If you like to wear heels, try to avoid wearing heels over 5cm on a regular basis. Vary the height if you can!

Flip flops don’t provide arch support and can cause heel pain too.

Comfortable, well-fitting shoes are the best way to ensure that your feet are looked after the way they should be.

Gait analysis to keep you moving

Why not consider getting a biomechanical assessment and gait analysis done – this is an examination of the alignment of your lower limbs. Following this, your podiatrist may recommend special insoles called orthotics to correct your gait. This will help to protect you from future injuries by absorbing shock and ensuring that foot pressure distribution is more even. 

This is a great idea for runners – ensure you hit your 2020 goals without injury!

Pick up a foot care exercise regime

Spending 10 minutes a day on a simple regime will help to build strength in your feet and help them carry you through the year. Why not try:

  • Strengthening your feet by picking up small objects or scrunching up a towel with your toes. 
  • Wrapping an elastic band around your toes for resistance, then stretching your toes against the band for five seconds. Repeat five times for each foot.
  • Massage your feet using a tennis ball – sit up straight in a chair with your bare feet flat on the floor. Roll your feet over a tennis ball one at a time, pressing as hard as is comfortable. Continue for two minutes.

These simple exercises will keep your feet supple and flexible.

Get to know your feet better

So many of us go through our lives barely looking at our feet. When was the last time you inspected yours? Looking carefully at your feet weekly means you’ll get to know them better and be able to notice any problems before they get serious. Discolouration, dryness, abrasions; keep an eye out for all of these. If you notice redness or cracking to your toenails, DON’T simply paint them to cover up the problem. Painting an infected toenail can make it worse, and won’t treat the issue. 

Book in for a foot check up

Find a podiatrist near you and book your check up. You don’t need to have a foot problem to visit – they will ensure that everything is working as it should be and give you more tips about how to keep your feet happy. Make feet care your goal this year.

You can book your appointment with Northwich Foot Clinic online today.

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