Few things are more irritating than a verruca. Whether it’s the embarrassment of having to wear the infernal sock while you swim, or the discomfort they can cause while you walk, verrucas are very annoying.

They’re also extremely stubborn and notoriously difficult to get rid of. That’s whey we’re delighted to offer an innovative solution from Swift in the form of Verruca Microwave Therapy. Here’s all you need to know about it…

Swift Microwave Therapy

There is a new way of treating stubborn verrucas now available. We can even treat unsightly warts on hands with this equipment. Swift microwave therapy is a quick and effective treatment that treats even the most difficult verruca’s that have been there for years.The latest research shows it to be 83% effective, with the best results obtained after 3 treatments 4 weeks apart.

What To Expect From Treatment…

If you’ve never visited the clinic before the first step (pun intended) is for you to come in for an initial assessment. This will give us a chance to assess all your foot health needs, and ensure that there are not other conditions we need to treat prior to sorting out your verruca. We also use the time to check that you’re a suitable candidate for Swift verruca treatment.

Once that’s complete, we’ll book you in for your treatment appointment. It may be possible to do this immediately after your initial consultation, or you may need to return a different day. 

When you arrive for your treatment, your Podiatrist will take a little time to prepare the affected area to make sure the Swift probe has as much surface contact as possible. There’s no need for an anaesthetic during this procedure, we will simple ensure you’re comfortable and then apply the Swift probe to your verruca for 2 seconds. 

In that time it will delivery microwave energy to the affected area. We will repeat this process as many as five times on each individual verrruca. You may experience a brief feeling of discomfort, but the passes very quickly. We recommend repeating the treatment three times, with a four week gap between to maximise results.

The treatment shouldn’t prevent you from going about your usual activities.

Does Veruca Microwave Therapy Hurt?

You are likely to experience some discomfort during the procedure. The level of discomfort you feel will vary – some people have more tolerance than others. Sensations vary from a sharp, scratching feeling, to a slight burning sensation. Most people describe the feeling as a sudden hot spot, but this only lasts 2-3 seconds before it dissapears. Occasionally afterwards the area may feel tender or a blister may form but there is no break to the skin, no dressings are required and you can get your foot wet.

What Results Can I Expect From Verruca Microwave Therapy?

This verruca had been present for several years. (permission to post these images has been given)

After 3 sessions of Swift Microwave Therapy

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