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Our Physiotherapists are here to diagnose and treat all aspects of your musculoskeletal problems, from acute soft tissue injuries to long term chronic pain. Our treatments are designed to relieve pain while restoring as much motion as possible, and ensuring you have a long term care plan in place.



Combining our expertise in gait analysis and biomechanics to create tailored rehabilitation regimes. Treat existing conditions and prevent problems before they start with our expert analysis.

Podiatry And Footcare


Put your feet in expert hands. We are here to assess your foot health, diagnose and treat all types of foot problems, from simple nail cutting and ingrown toenails, to in-depth biomechanical assessments. We also offer the latest Swift microwave verruca removal and minor surgery.



A non-invasive and entirely holistic treatment, Reflexology is the perfect way to complement medical care, kickstarting your body’s natural healing and restoring balance.

Shockwave Therapy


Shockwave therapy is a highly effective and noninvasive treatment that can be used to treat the soft tissues in the body. By delivering targeted shockwaves at affected areas we are able to reduce pain and promote healing. Shockwave is a complementary therapy that can be used in isolation or as part of a wider treatment plan.



Osteopathy is not a treatment that merely deals with the symptoms. It focuses on the integral structure of your body. Our Osteopathy therapies hinge on evaluating how bones, muscles and connective tissues work together. By treating the causes of conditions, we’re able to restore your natural balance.

Massage Therapy


Nothing beats a nice relaxing massage, but our massage therapy treatments are also extremely beneficial for relieving muscle tension and improving your range of movement. We offer various therapies to cater to your specific needs, and work in conjunction with our other clinicians to ensure the best overall care plan.

Sports Injuries


One of the huge benefits of visiting Northwich Foot Clinic is the range of skills our team has. By combining the specialist knowledge of our podiatrists with the therapy and rehabilitation regimes of the MSK team we’re able to offer highly effective treatments for sports injuries.

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