You don’t normally like skipping a workout session, but now you don’t feel at your best and had to rest for more than just the usual couple of days. Or, maybe, you’ve noticed that your performances aren’t as good as they used to be. What’s the problem? Did you injure yourself with a badly formed squat? Did you wear the wrong shoes? Is there something you could do to be back on your feet? 

Well, maybe you should consider seeing a professional to find out about the top uses of physical therapy in sports!

What Is Physical Therapy? And How Can You Use It In Sport?

Let’s start by saying that this vague term includes a variety of treatments, such as musculoskeletal therapy, physiotherapy and osteopathy, aimed to improve someone’s conditions after a problematic injury or in the presence of a chronic condition. 

But it’s far from being something only “old people” could benefit from! As a matter of fact, many top athletes – including your favourite football player!- undergo frequent physical therapy sessions to make sure that their performances are up to the task.

Physical therapy in sport is fundamental for a great number of reasons -including the undoubted benefits on mental health and stress. It improves mobility, enhances your performance and muscular strength and many other things.

Top 5 Uses Of Physical Therapy In Sport…

We’ve briefly introduced the concept of physical therapy, but what are its top 5 uses? You would never believe the incredible things that it can do for you!

#1 As A Form Of Rehabilitation

This is probably one of the first things that pop up when thinking about physical therapy in sport. And as a matter of fact, it really is an incredible aid for rehabilitation after an injury.   

#2 To Increase Mobility

By treating injuries and trauma you might have experienced, physical therapy will significantly reduce any mobility issues that stemmed from pain and inflammation.

#3 To Ease -And Treat- Pain From Injuries

This is probably the most important one: physical therapy will help you ease the pain you are feeling. But it won’t just help you on a superficial level. Rehabilitation will go and tackle all the causes of your pain, eliminating them.

#4 To Gain More Strength

Through physical therapy, your body will get back to its optimal status, thus significantly improving your performance and strength.

#5 To Improve Flexibility

After an injury, muscles tend to clench in a quite painful way. The tension that comes from that isn’t just painful, it also causes an extreme reduction in flexibility.

By treating the injury you will notice a dramatic improvement!

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