Feet are kind of weird, right? Nobody’s really sure what to do about problems with their feet. Do they go to the doctor? The pharmacist? Just leave it and hope it sorts itself out? The truth is, any persistent, painful or serious issues with your feed should be handled by a qualified podiatrist.

But we are aware, the notion of visiting one for the first time can be quite daunting. To put your mind at ease, we thought we’d let you know exactly what to expect from your initial appointment…

Your First Visit To A Podiatrist…

New patient podiatry appointments at Northwich Foot Clinic are thirty minutes long, giving your new podiatrist a chance you get to know you, as well as your feet! This initial new patient appointment is essential for assessing your feet, identifying any underlying conditions or issues you are facing, and formulating a treatment plan. 

We like to put people at ease when they arrive, which is why you’ll get a warm welcome from our friendly receptionist. You may need to complete new patient paperwork so we are aware of all your pertinent medical information. This will include things like surgeries you had in the past, and any infections or diseases that have (or may in future) affect your lower limbs and feet. In addition, we’ll also need to know about any medications you take currently.

All of this is vital to the podiatrist when it comes to determining the best course of treatment, so be as accurate as you can.

What To Bring With You…

There are a few things you can bring with you (if relevant) that will also help your new podiatrist, including:

  • Referral letter (if you have one) from your doctor or another health professional.
  • Shoes you wear regularly, including trainers, shoes you wear for work, boots, etc.
  • Any relevant ultrasounds or x-rays you’ve had done in the past.

What Happens Next…

Exactly how your initial appointment pans out will depend on what brought you to us. As podiatrists, we help clients with a wide range of conditions and ailments that affect the feet and also the legs. 

To begin with, your new podiatrist will discuss your medical history with you. This will include asking about the current problem, but will also dig a bit deeper into any previous activities and exercises you’ve participated in that will have shaped your footwear history.

Accurate information will help your podiatrist get to the cause of your issue and effectively treat it, so it’s important to be as accurate as possible.

Before your appointment, consider the following so you have considered answers ready:

  • When and where does the issue you’re currently having occur?
  • Can you identify a specific cause of the problem – perhaps a favourite activity and a different pair of shoes?
  • Have you found anything that relieves the symptoms you feel? If so, what?

Assessing Your Feet…

Once your podiatrist has gathered all the relevant information, they will assess your feet and legs thoroughly. Depending on the issue that has brought you into the clinic, this may require additional diagnostic tests like an ultrasound or X-ray. 

Your first podiatry appointment will wrap up with your podiatrist offering you a detailed plan of action to treat the issue that brought you to us, as well as any conditions identified during the course of your visit. From then on, all you’ll need to do is follow your treatment plan.

Ready For Your Initial Podiatry Appointment?

If you’re ready for your first podiatry appointment as a new patient we couldn’t be happier to meet you. Give us a call to book your appointment, or make the booking online.

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