Like any medical treatment or procedure, a massage therapy appointment should always be conducted in a comfortable, safe space that affords privacy. This is particularly true of a massage due to the need to feel comfortable removing clothing and changing, and lying down for the massage itself. While there are many great benefits to massage therapy for both mental and physical health, for many it’s a daunting prospect. To demystify the experience, here’s what you can expect from a massage therapy appointment…

Handling The Preliminaries

Before you get started, your massage therapist will usually have some preliminary questions for you. These will relate to your goals in terms of health and wellness, as well as the current state of your overall health.

Before conducting a session, your massage therapist will take into account your medical history, your current physical condition, as well as your lifestyle, whether you’re taking any medication, any physical pain you may be experiencing, and other factors like stress you’re facing. 

The more information you provide to answer any initial questions the better. This info helps your massage therapist to effectively structure your session to get the best possible results. 

Ensuring Your Privacy

Before your session begins you’ll need to remove your clothing, but bear in mind the extent to which you do this depends on your own comfort level. If you’re having a full body massage you’ll need to remove your outer garments, but if you’re focusing on a specific area you may prefer to leave on some of your clothes. 

Either way, your massage therapist will leave you to undress alone. Undress to your comfort level.

You will also be provided with a towel or sheet to cover yourself once you’ve undressed and got comfy on the massage table. This can be rearranged throughout the massage to ensure only the area being massaged is exposed. If you’re at all unsure about this, speak to your massage therapist, who will completely understand and happily accommodate the need to cover your modesty.

Setting The Mood

Some clients enjoy soothing music to be played during their therapy massage appointment. Others like to have a chat with their therapist. If you prefer one over the other, feel free to express your preference. Likewise, if you’d rather spend the time in silence, that is easily arranged!

Throughout your session your massage therapist will check you’re comfortable and that the pressure they are applying is okay. If at any point you become uncomfortable, do not hesitate to let your therapist know, and they will adjust accordingly. 

Your Massage Therapy Appointment

During your session your massage therapist may use oils or lotions. If you have any allergies be sure to make your therapist aware of them ahead of time. If there are any other elements used throughout your appointment – for example, hot towels or hot stones – the temperature should always be comfortable for you. In the event you’re not comfortable with an element, just make your therapist aware so they can remedy it.

Your massage may cover your whole body (aside from your private areas) or a specific area if you’re having issues. For example, the focus may be on your shoulders or leg if you’re experiencing very tight muscles in one area. 

Throughout your massage remember to relax and breathe normally.

Afterwards, your massage therapist will give you a moment to collect yourself, then leave you to dress.

Massage Therapy Session Basics

Remember, any massage therapy appointment is designed to ensure your comfort and ease. You can expect professionalism and confidentiality, as well as mutual courtesy and respect throughout. You should not feel self-conscious, and should be confident in expressing your preferences or any discomfort felt throughout the session.

We’re here to ensure you leave your massage therapy appointment refreshed, relaxed and rejuvenated. Get in touch now to book your appointment. We offer massage therapy to the residents of Northwich and the surrounding areas of Cheshire.