Use of Low Level Laser Therapy (LLLT) offers non-invasive, drug-free optimising of the body’s natural healing processes, making it a very useful tool when managing tears, sprains, strains and tendinopathies. We make regular use of LLLT within both our MSK therapy & Podiatry services with very effective results.

Laser Therapy is also useful for treating sports injuries, whether an athlete is pushing themselves to the limit or they are a weekend sports participants managing ongoing problems. LLLT can optimise soft tissue healing for quicker and stronger repair of sprains and strains having beneficial effects on muscles, tendons and ligaments. It is also helpful for longer term overuse problems such as achilles tendinopathy or rotator cuff pathologies, reducing inflammation & pain.
In acute cases, it helps in reducing pain associated with inflammation, reducing oedema, improving Range of Movement and optimising recovery. It is also useful when dealing with chronic conditions.
Healed tissue treated with laser has been shown to have improved quality & tensile strength, and even pre-existing scar tissue has shown improvement after laser treatment, with important implications for managing adhesions.

There is even interesting emerging research now demonstrating preventative effects for laser therapy where pre-exercise treatment improves endurance and recovery.