We recently got asked this by a concerned client thought it would be good to share the information that was given to her.

I have an ingrowing toenail that I have been trying to do myself but it keeps coming back. What should I do?


There are several causes of ingrowing toenail but the commonest is cutting the nails too low in the corners. It is tempting to chop down low if it is sore. Unfortunately, this it is only a temporary relief & the problem will return as the nail regrows. Some people tear their nails and this can leave a rough splinter of nail which can pierce the skin and cause an infection. Try to leave your nails to grow a bit longer & make sure that they are free at the corners beyond the end of the nail fold.

Damage to the nail which makes the nail thicken and twist, may also lead the nail to ingrow. This tends to get worse as we get older because the nail dries out, becoming less flexible. Using oil on the nail regularly can help to keep them flexible. It will also soften any dry skin that may build up underneath it. Gehwol Protective Nail and Skin Oil is excellent as it has antifungal properties but baby oil works well too. You can buy the gehwol nail oil from our reception for just £7.50

If the nail has got embedded at the side our highly skilled podiatrists at Northwich Foot Clinic can free up the side of the nail. Your podiatrist may also use packing which will train the nail to grow straight. However if the nail has embedded too deeply we may need to carry out a small operation. We carry this out under local anaesthetic to permanently remove the edge of nail and solve the problem.

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