You’ve just bought a new pair of fabulous shoes that you wish to rock on your next night out. 

Surely high heels are the most stylish choice when it comes to putting together a nice outfit, but they can also be incredibly uncomfortable, making your feet less than happy.

In addition to that, an incorrect use of heels can result in a series of unpleasant foot health conditions, like bunions, you want to avoid at all costs. 

That’s why we’ve decided, together with our foot care specialist, to put together a small vademecum on high heels and foot health. Keep reading for our best tips to rock your new shoes without damaging your feet!

High Heels: What Can They Cause? 

As sexy and fashionable as they are, heels are also linked to a wide range of  very unpleasant -and definitely non sexy- foot health conditions.

But this shouldn’t come as a surprise, since all wrong shoes can have a negative impact on your feet -and also have the power to make them really smelly!

And if it’s true what’s being said -that beauty is pain-, high heels can be the cause of:

  • Bunions 
  • Hammer toes 
  • Sprained ankles
  • Back pain
  • Variations in your toenails

Sounds scary, right? Don’t worry, you probably don’t need to bid farewell to your favourite shoes just yet. There are many small precautions that can be taken to prevent your feet from being fashion victims!

Foot Care Specialist Tips For High Heels And Foot Health:

1# Use Silicone Inserts…

We are used to seeing them in every shop and they’re extremely cheap for the incredible versatility they have. Silicone inserts make sure that your feet are steady, redistributing your weight through the whole shoe and alleviating the pressure on certain parts of the foot. This will work as a cushion and support. 

2# Have Your Foot Examined Before!

Seeing a foot care specialist every once in a while is incredibly helpful. We can’t stress that enough. Before deciding to sport some bedazzling heels you might want to have your feet checked in case you have pre-existing conditions, or even just to see if you are buying the correct size for your shoes. 

3# You Shouldn’t Wear Them Too Often…

Everything is good in moderation and we truly understand that you look fabulous in your designer stiletto heels. But maybe wearing them on a daily basis for hours at a time might just not be worth the risk. If you’re planning on going out with your friends, consider bringing some flat, comfy and chic shoes so that you can give your feet some rest in between dances.

4# Consider Buying A Size Bigger…

This is actually one of the Royals’ secrets, shared by many other celebrities: if you have a big party planned ahead and you know you could be spending hours on your heels, make sure you buy them a size bigger.  This will help prevent any swelling and will provide you more comfort. Just make sure to use the appropriate silicone inserts to avoid slipping!

5# Platform Shoes Are Your Friends…

If you’re wearing heels to gain some height you might want to consider buying wedges or platform shoes. Thanks to the way they’re designed, they help redistribute the weight on your feet, resulting in more comfortable shoes.

Get Your Feet High Heel Ready…

If you feel your feet aren’t as content with your new stilettos as you are, make an appointment to see our foot care specialists. They can help you diagnose and treat any kind of issues before it’s too late. Just give us a call on 01606 45077 or book an appointment through our online system.

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