Reflexology is a deeply calming, therapeutic practice which relies on the stimulation of pressure points on the feet, hands, face, and ears. Foot reflexology is particularly effective thanks to the 15,000 nerves that are situated in each foot, making them sensitive to the touch. But what is foot reflexology, and how does it work? Here’s all you need to know…

Foot Reflexology: Connecting Your Body

In foot reflexology, parts of the foot are thought to be connected to other parts of the body. These parts of the foot are known as reflex points. Stimulation of reflex points using reflexology sends a signal to those other parts of the body, which may initiate a healing response. The areas of the foot which correspond to areas of the body are mapped out on reflexology charts, and reflexologists use these to detect imbalances throughout the body.

How Does Foot Reflexology Work?

Reflexologists apply pressure to the reflex points, and use this to observe areas in the body which are experiencing pain, stress or tension. They can then manipulate the feet gently, which may result in a beneficial effect for those parts of the body. The whole of the body can be attended to with this therapy, for example:

  • The ball of the foot relates to the chest
  • The heel relates to the lower back
  • The arch of the foot relates to the different digestive organs

Your reflexologist will discuss any areas of concern with you, and pay particular attention to those during your session.

What Does Reflexology Feel Like?

Foot reflexology is extremely relaxing and, in fact, many people fall asleep during the sessions. It isn’t ticklish, and reflexologists can amend their touch depending on whether you have particularly sensitive or tough feet. 

How Can It Help?

Reflexologists don’t cure, diagnose, or prescribe and foot reflexology isn’t an alternative to medical treatment, but it can be utilised alongside your other therapeutics to ease symptoms. Here are some of the benefits:

  • Stress relief. The therapy is naturally calming and a superb method of combating stress. During your reflexology session, endorphins are released into the body. This reduces anxiety, and many clients report a much more restful sleep after their appointment.
  • Lymphatic drainage. Reflexology lymphatic drainage (RLD) may help with lymphoedema, arthritis, chronic fatigue and migraines.
  • Athletic performance and mindset. Reflexology can boost blood flow to injured areas, leading to faster healing.

Booking Your Foot Reflexology Appointment

At Northwich Foot Clinic, our trained clinical reflexologist is highly skilled in providing a gentle, relaxing and holistic experience. Whatever your goals from your reflexology appointment – or if you just want to try it for the first time – we will be able to help. You can book your appointment by calling us on 01606 45077, and find us in the centre of Northwich in Cheshire. 

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