Diabetes is a condition that impacts many areas of one’s life, from eyesight to fertility to feet. If you or someone you know have diabetes, you should be followed by a medical professional to make sure that all the risks connected to your pathology are under control. 

Developing worrisome feet and neurological issues is fairly common, so make sure you keep all of your symptoms checked. Find out more about diabetic foot care and how this could save your life…

Feet And Diabetes: What Are The Risks?

Diabetes is known for threatening feet’s health with incredible risks. But why does it happen? One of the most important reasons is that diabetes has a negative impact on circulation which often results in a loss of feeling in your lower limbs and vulnerability to sores. 

This can lead to difficulty in healing from injuries or, even, noticing that you are hurt in the first place. 

It’s extremely important that you rely on diabetic foot care, as a failure to do so could have a dramatic outcome on your health, leading to amputation. 

Symptoms To Be Worried About…

There are many things you should take care of in order to ensure that your feet are healthy. The first one is, of course, to keep your sugar levels checked and controlled; but you also have to speak to a medical professional if any of these symptoms arise:

  • You notice a wound on your feet
  • Your feet have a different odour 
  • Your feet are swollen 
  • You feel pain  
  • Your feet are red, blue, pale or dark
  • You notice that you have a sore oozing pus or other kinds of discharge

Diabetic Foot Care: When A Specialist Is Needed…

Seeing a foot care practitioner is important for everyone, regardless of any pre-existing conditions. 

However, if you have diabetes, you should have your feet checked at least once a week to minimise the risks connected to your pathology.

However, if you are experiencing any of the aforementioned symptoms, it’s vital that you make your appointment with a podiatrist as soon as possible.

Amongst the many things that a Foot Care Practitioner can do for your diabetic foot you can find:

  • An in-depth check-up to rule out any particular concern
  • Help in grooming 
  • Corn and calluses removal
  • Help in choosing the right shoes
  • Tips to stay active 
  • Dry feet

Scheduling Your Appointment

Taking care of your feet’s health before any serious issue arises is fundamental. Schedule your appointment with one of our licensed podiatrists today through our online form or give us a call at 01606 45077.

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