Biomechanics can help to ease pain, heal injuries and improve performance in sports, but how does it work, and what does a biomechanical podiatrist do? Here’s everything you need to know….

What Is A Biomechanical Podiatrist?

A podiatrist is a medical professional who diagnoses and treats disorders of the feet and lower limbs. Some podiatrists specialise in different areas – for example, sport medicine, diabetes or biomechanics. Biomechanics refers to the way in which the muscles, joints and bones of the feet and lower limbs interact and move. All podiatrists will have knowledge of biomechanics, but some have a particular interest in this area of podiatry.

Biomechanics Can Get You Moving…

Biomechanical assessments look at the movement of your feet and limbs and, following this, a podiatrist can treat abnormalities and malfunction. Issues with the way the feet and lower limbs function can lead to lack of balance and increased likelihood of falling, pain (not just in the feet and legs, but also the back and hips) and a higher chance of sporting injuries. Correcting these problems can seriously improve overall health and wellness.

How Is A Biomechanical Assessment Carried Out?

During your appointment, a podiatrist will examine your feet and legs, and carry out a gait analysis. A gait analysis looks at the way you walk and measures where your feet land with each step. This is done in a number of ways, but state of the art technology such as Podosmart digital insoles give the clearest picture.

Following this, the podiatrist can diagnose your condition. Some of the most common issues are excessive supination (where the weight is placed on the outside of the foot when walking or running) and overpronation, which is the opposite. Both of these conditions can lead to pain and injury.

The Treatments A Biomechanical Podiatrist Can Offer…

Many conditions which are diagnosed following a gait analysis may be corrected with orthotics. These are special insoles designed to correct your gait, and can be bespoke. The podiatrist may also recommend a rehabilitation programme from a specialist Sports Rehabilitator which will build muscle, help to heal any existing injuries and get you back to peak fitness.

Book An Appointment Now

If you frequently experience injuries when exercising, suffer from foot, leg or back pain or simply want to ensure that you are reaching your sporting potential, it is a good idea to book a biomechanical assessment. At Northwich Foot Clinic, our podiatrists and Sports Rehabilitator are highly skilled and passionate about improving the quality of your life by treating those conditions that you don’t need to simply put up with. We use the latest technology to ensure that we work with the most in-depth information. Our clinic is based in the centre of Northwich, easily accessible for people in Cheshire, Manchester and across the North West. To book an appointment, simply head to our online booking page and select a Biomechanical Assessment (under the Podiatry heading). We look forward to welcoming you to our friendly, professional clinic.

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